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Who Are Newlands Global Events?

Newlands Global Events was founded by innovative Entrepreneur and event creator Neil Wilson and is based in Glasgow,United Kingdom. We specialise in creating unique, innovative and excellent event and live entertainment experiences. It is our passion and focus to ensure each and every event is meticulously planned and produced to create a unique experience where the memories last a lifetime.

What does Newlands Global Events do?

Pretty much whatever you require! We can turn any event ideas into reality, whether that is designing and developing a concept from scratch or assisting in one specific area be it large or small, we have the passion and knowledge to enhance and deliver a unique, innovative and exceptional event. Areas of interest to us include: concerts, talks, comedy, conferences, gala dinners, private parties, fundraisers, social gatherings, art exhibitions, religious, product launches, brand activations, company away days, international events and unique and custom experiences. We provide our clients with the building blocks for their success, built on our clients needs and requirements, we bring their visions to life in a unique and innovative manner. We are also committed to creating, delivering and promoting our own exceptional live entertainment events.

What services do you offer?

We offer a full management service including full event production, logistics and planning; creative direction; digital design and content creation; design and decor; custom builds; staging; audio visual; lighting; venue sourcing; technical direction; script writing and copy; entertainment and talent procurement; food and beverage concepts; health and safety; travel and transportation management and budget management. The Newlands Global Events team has access to a specialist in each area so we have a comprehensive knowledge base to deliver to the highest standards.

Who are you available to work with?

We are as happy to be delivering a private party for a local client as we are to be delivering a product launch for a global brand. We are delighted to work with local, national and global brands on a wide range of events. In addition we are available to work with non-profit organisations, private clients and governmental organisations. We are also always keen to hear from performers, speakers and agents who wish us to promote events on their behalf.

Where are you able to produce events?

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. However, we have access to a network of knowledge and expertise around the globe if required.

I have an event but I'm unsure how to proceed. Can i contact you?

Absolutely! Please get in touch! We will be able to discuss the event in question, get a sense of what the goals are and provide an outline of what you require and the cost. Some questions to consider initially are (not applicable to all types of events); When would you like the event to take place? How many people will attend the event? Where would you like the event to take place? How long would you like the event to be? What is the one thing event attendees should feel as they leave the event? We are also always happy to receive unique requests that challenge our team!

What are the costs involved?

Costs like the events themselves are unique for every event, factors determining costs include size, scope, location and what is required. Depending on our role in the event, our fee may be a percentage of the total event cost or a management fee. Our fees are always extremely competitive.

What if I have booked a space already and just need a few details to finalise things?

Please contact us! we would be delighted to help in any way we can. With our access to a network of knowledge and expertise we are sure to come up with a solution even if it is for only one area.

Why should I work with Newlands Global Events? What is unique about you?

We offer the same network of expertise, dedication, knowledge and excellence whether it is for an intimate private event for 4 or a sell out 50,000 concert.

We excel at creating unique, innovative live entertainment and events

We believe every event should be unique and deliver fresh inspiration each and every time

We believe our access to a network of expertise and knowledge allows us to achieve excellence in all areas of our events

We are always attendee focused delivering our events to their goals and wishes to maximise their enjoyment and happiness

We are friendly, dedicated and always available to hear ideas and proposals

Event Planner or Event Producer what is the difference?

An event planner normally pieces together some basic components of an event and outsources other parts of the event as required. An event producer normally has a larger and more complicated role, putting together an entire event from scratch. At Newlands Global Events we are comfortable using either method on a per event basis depending on the criteria.

If I choose you, who do I work with?

In contrast to some other event companies, our founder and managing director Neil Wilson is hands on and relishes creating and discussing events, so he will always deal with initial enquiries, discuss the concept and outline how we can assist with your event. With our access to a global network of expertise, we will put together the best team of specialists to ensure excellence.

Who should i get in touch with regarding payment?

Are you hiring?

We are always on the look out for event staff and exceptional talent. Please e-mail and send your CV

Do you have a mailing list/newsletter?

Yes! Please see the bottom of this page and sign up to our newsletter

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